Spring (Wallet) Cleaning

It was time to say out with the old and in with the new.  I loved my old wallet but after a lots of good use it was looking a little too loved.  I found my new wallet, perfect for spring and summer, while shopping with Alli at a toy store of all places.  But honestly this is not your ordinary Toy’R’Us.   I am rarely caught leaving The Clothes Pony empty handed, even though I always go in thinking I’ll just be browsing at cute miniature clothes and toys while Alli shops for her kids.  This last trip was no exception to most as I talked myself into buying not only this wallet, but a new pair of awesome shoes, which I can’t wait to share later this week. I spent a lot of time this weekend spring cleaning around the house, so it felt good to do a spring cleaning of my wallet as well.  I feel its easier to budget spending and feel relaxed about money when you have organization, starting at even the simplest places like your wallet.

{it was hard to choose but I loved the pop of hot pink}


{Spartina 449; colorful linen and leather}

{I love the tiny mermaid logo}



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