Spirit Houses

{house of zen}

Today I thought I’d share something personally inspirational and close to my heart.   Spirit houses, traditionally found in East Asia, are placed in homes or businesses, harboring the spirits inside so that they may provide protection to the owners and families.  My mom embraced the idea and spirituality of the spirit houses, creating these wonderful, collage art shrines.  They are dear to me, and within each piece she placed details and ornamentation that have sentiment and love, such as a photo of her mother, my grandmother who lost her battle with breast cancer before I was born.  Having them in our home is a small reminder of the constant encouragement and support I have always had through my mom and my family. They also inspire me to create, and when guest are over they always spark curious conversation.  I am thankful to my mom giving me creativity and all the protection she could all these years.

{my favorite, house of inner peace}

{doors to let the good in, and to keep the bad out}

{house of dreams...what is your hearts desire?}

{my grandmother}

{tucked in with my Shakespeare collection}

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