Treasure Hunt

As hats, gloves, and scarves are needed less and less the more fun I like to have with the jewelry I wear.  So I have been on the hunt for new pieces to incorporate into my spring wardrobe. We had a free hour last week and decided to fill the time slot with a little antique shopping.  Even though I only had 45 minutes, and man is that rushing it when there is so much to get through, I was still able to spot a few fantastic finds.  My favorite score of the day was the trickiest to spot.  Hidden in a jewelry case packed with odds and ends, under a mess of tarnished metal work I spotted half of a silver heart. After retrieving the key to the case, my curiosity was rewarded when I found that the heart was attached to two long silver chains, and on the second chain was smaller heart.  For twelve bucks and a polishing rag, I think it was a steal. So far it’s gotten good use, what ya know I’m wearing it now.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday, here’s to a wonderful week!

{don't mind me}

{found these cute studs on the hunt too... tiny & perfect}

{my little assistant}

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