Mini Vacation

{view from hot tub}

Three weeks ago Bill and I headed into the mountains for a night in Estes Park.  Without the hustle and bustle of summer tourists it was nice spending an evening in the stillness and beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  After a brief outing in town (we attempted to get a glass of wine but because of sparse winter hours at most places we had to settle for a caramel apple and a belly warming shot of whiskey) we headed back to the small cabin we rented and locked ourselves away for the rest of our stay, cooking a delicious meal and relishing the warmth of two fire places.  The next day we both felt so refreshed and relaxed as we drove back through the canyon towards home, and though our get away was brief sometimes all you need are a few precious moments to remind yourself of the joy that can be found in the simpler things.


{another unique window display at my favorite shop in Estes}


{our home away from home for the night}


{a little bubbly with dessert}



{revisiting an old favorite}


(rustic touches created a cozy space)


{good morning}


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