Stamp of Approval

{stamps by me}

A month or so back my mom asked me to send her some small doodles of mine so she could have them made into stamps.  It was around the time I had made these, which I thought turned out pretty cute,so I sent her that sketch along with these other two simple little drawings.  I just got the finished products this week and I am so happy with the results.  I have had so much fun playing with them, and they can add such a sweet and personal touch to any card or letter I send now.

{remember him....he's much smaller now}

{i think this is my favorite}

{sneak peek at party invites i'm putting together for a friend's birthday}


Oh Gee Wa Wa! Those Shoes Are Cute!

Here are the wonderful shoes I found at Clothes Pony I mentioned earlier.  I had never heard of GeeWaWa shoes before I tried these on, but I am hooked.  They could quite possibly be the most comfortable shoes, with hight, that I have ever worn.   However the delicious colors and the simple style won me over before my feet even got a say. The purple and ox blood suede looks so rich and feels so soft.  I can’t seem to stop wearing them, and I kind of want them in more colors.  Being able to wear these shoes with cute dresses and shorts the past week makes me forget where I live and what time of year it is.   The weather has been so nice I think most of Fort Collins has forgotten that April hasn’t even arrived and we still might be due some snow.  But until then we will all keep on soaking up every moment of this spectacular spring weather, breaking out the sandals a few months earlier than usual.   I have been so excited for summer to bring warmer weather, and I can’t remember the last time a new pair of shoes made me feel so giddy, the combination of enthusiasm has been motivating me to dress in bright, bold colors.   Even if Summer won’t be here officially for a few months, these shoes have kicked me out of my winter dull drums.

{target shirt, F21 skirt, vintage jewelry}

{twinkle toes}

A New Beer is Here: Shift

Beer is big in Fort Collins and no Brewery is better known than New Belgium.  Monday night New Belgium hosted a release party at Hodi’s Half Note for their newest beer, Shift, and invited individuals within the beer, bar, and service industries to come try the freshly tapped brew.   I never mind an excuse to dance to some good funk and have a free beer, or two, with my girlfriends,  and since New Belgium proves to throw some of the best parties (already looking forward to Tour de Fat) it was obviously the best way to spend an otherwise relaxed Monday night.

{mama lenny and the remedy}

Spring (Wallet) Cleaning

It was time to say out with the old and in with the new.  I loved my old wallet but after a lots of good use it was looking a little too loved.  I found my new wallet, perfect for spring and summer, while shopping with Alli at a toy store of all places.  But honestly this is not your ordinary Toy’R’Us.   I am rarely caught leaving The Clothes Pony empty handed, even though I always go in thinking I’ll just be browsing at cute miniature clothes and toys while Alli shops for her kids.  This last trip was no exception to most as I talked myself into buying not only this wallet, but a new pair of awesome shoes, which I can’t wait to share later this week. I spent a lot of time this weekend spring cleaning around the house, so it felt good to do a spring cleaning of my wallet as well.  I feel its easier to budget spending and feel relaxed about money when you have organization, starting at even the simplest places like your wallet.

{it was hard to choose but I loved the pop of hot pink}


{Spartina 449; colorful linen and leather}

{I love the tiny mermaid logo}


Chocolate Covered Cheerios

{tiny treats}

Sometimes all you want is just a little something sweet, just enough to satisfy a late night sweet tooth or mid day sugar craving.  I got the idea to dip cheerios into chocolate while reading one my favorite, and one of the first blogs that hooked me, Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I admire the inspiration and beauty the blog’s author, Emily Schuman, can draw from her bright and detailed photography.  I saw this  post a while back but the notion of chocolate covered cereal stuck with me. I loved that the ones featured on Cupcakes and Cashmere looked like mini doughnuts, but I opted for a little less chocolate and a little less mess.  This also provided the perfect afternoon project do while spending the afternoon with my friend’s daughter Addy, who loves spending time with me in the kitchen almost as much as she loves being in our art room playing with glitter.  The marshmallows and sprinkles were an after thought because we had them, and color makes everything better.  The outcome was delicious and feed back from others has been enthusiastic, my same friend later found her younger son sneaking an unapproved late night snack of these little guys, but I guess what kid could resist this combination? I do believe they also brought out the easily evoked inner child of my boyfriend.  Enjoy!


A Little France in Fort Collins

{raisin and rum galette}

Most of my  St. Patty’s Day this year was spent working.  However, with this amazing streak of spring weather we have been experiencing, it is impossible not to find at least one excuse a day to get out and enjoy it.    Saturday morning was no exception.   My friend Alli and I walked downtown for breakfast at one of Fort Collin’s cutest and perhaps most deliciously indulgent breakfast spots, La Creperie.  We were able to get a spot in the window ideal for people watching, and because the St. Patty’s Day Parade was in full swing just down the block, there were lots of people and pups dressed in green to amuse us.  Our meal, which consisted of two decadent pastries, two raspberry nutella macaroons, and one very large and savory crêpe, was accompanied by live accordion music, making the whole experience more complete.  I also decided since I was already going all out to give in fully to the necessity of having a cappuccino with such a sweet meal (I’ve still been caffeine free since October, and this little cup gave me a kick!)  Meals like this, very slow, and focused on enjoying each sense, bring joy to me, and I always leave feeling spoiled.   From the visual beauty of the pastries in front of us to the freshly baked aromas that lingered around us, La Creperie is a little slice of European heaven, a perfect place to be reminded of the importance of slowing down and taking it all in.

{our apricot croissant}

{raspberry nutella macaroons}

{i can't even remember which crêpe we finally went with but it was delicious!}

{waiting to be taken home}

Spirit Houses

{house of zen}

Today I thought I’d share something personally inspirational and close to my heart.   Spirit houses, traditionally found in East Asia, are placed in homes or businesses, harboring the spirits inside so that they may provide protection to the owners and families.  My mom embraced the idea and spirituality of the spirit houses, creating these wonderful, collage art shrines.  They are dear to me, and within each piece she placed details and ornamentation that have sentiment and love, such as a photo of her mother, my grandmother who lost her battle with breast cancer before I was born.  Having them in our home is a small reminder of the constant encouragement and support I have always had through my mom and my family. They also inspire me to create, and when guest are over they always spark curious conversation.  I am thankful to my mom giving me creativity and all the protection she could all these years.

{my favorite, house of inner peace}

{doors to let the good in, and to keep the bad out}

{house of dreams...what is your hearts desire?}

{my grandmother}

{tucked in with my Shakespeare collection}

Treasure Hunt

As hats, gloves, and scarves are needed less and less the more fun I like to have with the jewelry I wear.  So I have been on the hunt for new pieces to incorporate into my spring wardrobe. We had a free hour last week and decided to fill the time slot with a little antique shopping.  Even though I only had 45 minutes, and man is that rushing it when there is so much to get through, I was still able to spot a few fantastic finds.  My favorite score of the day was the trickiest to spot.  Hidden in a jewelry case packed with odds and ends, under a mess of tarnished metal work I spotted half of a silver heart. After retrieving the key to the case, my curiosity was rewarded when I found that the heart was attached to two long silver chains, and on the second chain was smaller heart.  For twelve bucks and a polishing rag, I think it was a steal. So far it’s gotten good use, what ya know I’m wearing it now.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday, here’s to a wonderful week!

{don't mind me}

{found these cute studs on the hunt too... tiny & perfect}

{my little assistant}

Mini Vacation

{view from hot tub}

Three weeks ago Bill and I headed into the mountains for a night in Estes Park.  Without the hustle and bustle of summer tourists it was nice spending an evening in the stillness and beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  After a brief outing in town (we attempted to get a glass of wine but because of sparse winter hours at most places we had to settle for a caramel apple and a belly warming shot of whiskey) we headed back to the small cabin we rented and locked ourselves away for the rest of our stay, cooking a delicious meal and relishing the warmth of two fire places.  The next day we both felt so refreshed and relaxed as we drove back through the canyon towards home, and though our get away was brief sometimes all you need are a few precious moments to remind yourself of the joy that can be found in the simpler things.


{another unique window display at my favorite shop in Estes}


{our home away from home for the night}


{a little bubbly with dessert}



{revisiting an old favorite}


(rustic touches created a cozy space)


{good morning}