Little Loves

{16 months ago with my favorite study buddies}

I take pictures of my pets more than anything else.  I can’t help it, it seems everytime I turn around they are doing something else so adorable, or hilarious, that the camera has to come out.   Rocky laying uspside down on the couch never gets old and Scout drinking from her fountain (a quirky cat charateristic of her’s…she only drinks from running water) is always a hoot.  Our pets provide us with daily giggles and smiles by giving us endless amounts of affection, warm snuggles, and unconditional love.  And, as you other pet owners know, there is no better way to be greeted after a long day, then then by warm wet noses and happy tails.  I have been spoiled by two amazing furry little friends who have now been with us for over six years, through all the ups and downs, always providing us with an example of simple happiness and joy when life easlily gets complicated and messy.  Bill and I both talk to them as if one day we expect them to look up at us and answer the many questions or comments we direct towards them.   Despite their inability to answer verbally I never feel like what I’ve said goes unacknowledged, and sometimes all you need is a kitty kiss or one of Rocky’s long deep sighs to know everything is going to be okay.   That being said I would like to remind everyone to give all their four-legged friends lots of love for Valentine’s Day tomorrow and everyday after.  Use tomorrow as a reminder that love goes beyond what is said in Hallmark cards, and that love can be found in our lives in places we sometimes forget to look, like in the affectionate gaze of a dog or in a warm ball of fur curled up with the utmost trust in your lap.

{the boy}

{the little girl}

{our friend's buddy Theodore}

{my parent's tiny terrors}

{my friend Allegra and her love Dexter}

{Rock & I on one of our favorite hikes}

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