Refried Black Beans

{fresh ingredients make all the difference}

I am by no means a vegitarian…I love bacon too much….however we get most of our protein from non-meat products such as beans or dairy.  During one late night dinner scavenge through the pantries and fridge I found myself bored with everything I saw.   Un inspired by the idea of preparing just plain black beans (I always a few cans on hand) and rice I decided to turn to our food possessor, which is quickly becoming the most useful Christmas gift,  in order to transform my routinely bland beans into something more interesting and fresh.  That night in about 10 minutes I whipped up a small batch of black refried beans that where accidentally so good that between the two of us they were gone way too fast.  So, when we hosted a Ravens NFL play-off party Sunday, I took the opportunity to give this  new recipe another go, testing it out on a house full of hungry football fans.  I like to use dried beans whenever possible so for this larger batch I started with a 32oz bag a black beans soaked overnight.  I also of course had to increase the ratio of other ingredients in the recipe and it took several rounds in the food processor to get the entire batch finished.  This recipe yields a large pot of refried beans (I have been loving leftovers) so tweak it to make more or less if you desire.  I love recipes that are simple and I can be specified to my taste or those I’m serving, so remember if you try these beans out, that measurements of ingredients can be increases or decreased.  If say you’d like more heat, add more jalapenos, or if you’d like a smoother, thinner texture add more stock as you process.   The beans I made were a huge hit and proved to be the perfect healthy and flavorful side dish to our homemade breakfast burritos.  Canned refried beans will doubtfully find their way back in our house, as they can not even begin to hold a candle to what I have found I can create quickly in my own kitchen.


  • 32oz dried black beans (soaked overnight)
  • 3 jalapenos sliced ( I de-seeded half to lessen the heat…the more seeds the more spice)
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 1 lime
  • 5 cloves of peeled garlic
  • cilantro
  • chicken stock (to make them vegan use veggi stock!)
  • hot sauce (optional)
  • salt & pepper

In a large pot add black beans, jalapenos, and water (make sure there is enough water to completely cover beans throughout the boiling and cooking process).  Bring pot to a full rolling boil and add salt to the mixture.  Cover, keeping the heat around medium, and let simmer for an hour and half or so until the beans are tender.

While the beans cook roughly chop onion, pepper, cilantro, and garlic (they are going in a food processor so no need for pretty pieces).  Then in a large skillet add onions, garlic, and olive oil ( I use just enough to coat the bottom of the pan lightly).  With the heat on medium high sauté the onions and garlic till translucent, adding the bell pepper and cilantro after about 6 minutes.  Continue to cook, adding salt, pepper, and hot sauce.  Once the peppers are soft (about 10 minutes) remove from the heat.

Once the beans have finished cooking drain the water and return beans to the pot.  Add the onion and pepper mixture to the pot.  Squeeze the juice of the lime into the pot with everything else and stir in order to evenly distribute flavors and ingredients.

In batches transfer the beans to the food processor.   While blending slowly pour chicken stock through the top of the processor as it mixes.  I only used enough to keep the beans mixing smoothly. After each batch is completed put the beans into another pot to be reheated slowly on the stove.  Once the food processor is no longer needed and all the beans are again in one pot, heat covered on low, stirring frequently.

Serve with your favorite mexican dish or pair with guacamole and chips for a southwest snack, either way they will rock your socks!


{prep work made simple}

{potentially messy process, but well worth it}

{I love the purple color}

{breakfast is served}

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