One Lucky Girl with Friends Like Mine

{my birthday cake}

This past week I celebrated my 27th birthday by spending an amazing day with my closet friends.  During the day my girlfriends and I spoiled ourselves with manicures, shopping, lunch, and margaritas, a perfectly planned itinerary of afternoon activities when you have a full day off with your best friends.  The evening transitioned into a casual dinner party at our place with easy decorations, a classic menu, and LOTS of cake and wine.  I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate my birthday and getting older, than by doing the things I love, with the people I love, with very little fuss.  I don’t feel much older since blowing out 27 candles, but, as I think back on birthdays past, I realize (with a huge sigh of relief) how much I have changed, accomplished, and grown in just the last 10 years, which must mean that I am indeed getting older.   It is exciting, though impossible, to predict what the next decade will bring, however, with all the love I have in my life, I imagine future birthdays, and the years to follow, only getting better.

{birthday gift to myself}

{dessert after lunch}


{balloon bouquet & paper star}


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