Snack Time

I’ve discovered a new-to-me delicious snack! I have a yogurt thing…I love it.  I was a Yoplait girl until I discovered Greek yogurt, and after mixing the thick, more tart yogurt with fruit and cereal, I was hooked.  In the past months I have been excited as new brands, flavors, and sizes pop up in all grocery stores, happy to see everyone enjoying this high protein yogurt option.  However two weeks ago I spotted Siggi’s Icelandic Style Skyr (fancy yogurt)  amongst the rows of pricey yogurt at Whole Food, and my attention was instantly snagged by the Orange & Ginger.  It has the perfect sweetness and tartness and is amazing when topped with cranberry granola or walnuts. Even better it packs 14grams of protein into each eco-friendly container…and…is only a 100 cal. of all natural ingredients.  So I have said good-bye (for the mean time) to my greek love affair to make way for Icelandic Skyr.

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