Thrifty Finds

{Antropologie sweater, J. Crew pants, thrifted hat, glasses, purse, gloves & jacket}

This week I dedicated a few of my free hours to thrift shopping, allowing myself to roam the isles of bazaar and “well loved” clothing that fill warehouse sized shopping floors, in search of any treasures that remain hidden within the sea of polyester, rayon nylon, itchy wool, and ill fitted garments.   Some days I leave empty-handed, and usually slightly disgruntled about spending way too much time looking for something that was never there. Or….I hit jackpot, finding a perfect fitting Anthropologie sweater with the tags still on for 6$ and a pair J. Crew Chinos in my size and un-worn for 4$… like I did this week!  I love the satisfaction of scoring quality pieces, that have been well taken care of, and giving them a new home.  With the finicky January weather I find myself in much more warm and layered outfits, so both pieces I found will ease perfectly into my winter wardrobe.

And while experiencing Colorado’s weather mood swings the last few weeks,  (we have seen sun filled days that reach the high 60’s and snowy evenings with gusting winds blowing freezing temperatures) I have kept my get-ups relaxed, easy, and ready to go with the flow.

Yesterday we woke up after an overnight snow to sunny blues skies and a sparkling, dusting of snow.   Dressed in my new finds, as well as a few other recent thrift purchases, we headed out into the deceiving cold day for an afternoon walk with the pup. Though Rocky had a better time than us (our feet got cold), days and moments like these still remind me why I love it here.

{trifted Nine West purse}

And I love the details on the pants!



{paw print}

{walk in the park}

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