Quick Quirky Creations


We have kept our week relaxed and comfy while remaining productive around the house.  It has been nice to feel the pace of things slow down around us.   This week we’ve relished our free hours,  creating in our newly organized art room, cooking homemade meals, and spending time doing the smaller, slower activities in life that seem to slip to the way side when life gets cramped such as crosswords, dominos, reading (sad but true), doodling, or just laundry (oops haha).  My focus right now is getting an Etsy shop up and going sometime in the near future, till then here are a few small cards I’ve been working on.  The new year has me feeling bright, colorful, and cheerful so to get my creative juices flowin’ I drew up this little guy and tried out a few different looks on him.  What do you think? I’m particularly fond of “It’s a Boy”.

{playing with this one}


…and two more… a thank-you card for holiday gifts, and a birthday card I re-made after designing and giving a similar one to a friend.

inside reads:"don't get carried away!"


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