The New Year’s Here!

It’s a new year which means new resolutions, a little list of ways we want to improve ourselves.  They are a tradition in welcoming new beginnings as we transition from one date to another.  New Year’s Eve also abruplty marks the official end of the holiday season which conveniently finalizes two months of indulging in large holiday meals, decadent desserts, costly spending sprees for gifts (and in my case holiday decorations), and parties.  During the holidays we give ourselves permission to enjoy all guilt laiden goodies that accoumpany seasonal traditions, so as we toast our friends or kiss our loves as the clock strikes 12, we accept that after this night, the last night of the year, we will no longer be greeted with daily sugar cookies or an over abundance of chocolate Santas.  While it only seems natural to direct resolutions towards slimmer diets, more frequent excersize, or saving dough, I feel these resolutions often are merely the result of a culture trying to recover from a holiday hangover.  And please don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of the holidays… I am very seasonally spirited.  And I think that a new year is a great time to put healthy and new habits into action, but so is every morning when you wake up to a new day.  Instead of using a new year to put the last few months farther the past, I would like to reflect on the year, and all the good and self-improvement that has taken place in the last 365 days.   For myself I feel that resolutions are much stronger and much more focused if they are extensions of good we are already doing for ourselves or for others.  Resolutions made with hollow intent often fall flat and are forgotten about before we turn our calendar pages to Febuary, so this year I resolve to start small and let the genuine intent of my personal resolutions grow each day, even if that means that they have to be altered to fit with my life and the surprises that get thrown our way daily.

That being said; in the blogging world things move quickly and the key is staying current, so to dedicate my post to the last two months seems behind the times.  However, I have been sans computer since my last post.  Now equipped with a new computer  (an amazing and surprising gift from Bill’s mom) I am dusting the cobwebs off my out-of-practice typing fingers, and jumping back on the horse.  And because I missed out in sharing so many wonderful things that I so baddly wanted to…I am going share a quick photo recap.  And despite the fact I may be a bit bummed about missing out on a few months of blogging, life has not slowed down so there will be many, many, many more things to share through this space.  Until then, here are some things I can’t help but finally share.

{mini apple-cranberry pies}

{mini apple-cranberry pies}

{ sparkles and fall leaves in Portland }

{sparkles and fall leaves in Portland}


{wonderful homemade bread on Thanksgiving}

{superman dreams}


{christmas mantel}


{a little added touch on the paintings in our livingroom for the holidays}

{many evenings were spent by the light of our tree}

{looking for what Santa brought}

{local christmas bubbly}


{vintage ornaments}

{easy & casual christmas dinner with wonderful friends}

{ringing in the new year with vintage noisemakers}


It is great to back and hope everyone has had a great start to their new year! Looking forward to much more!



p.s. this post took me a little longer than planned…it’s gonna take me a while to make the transition from Mac to PC







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