It’s Tea Time

I mentioned before that earlier this month I quit caffeine.  I said good-bye to my morning coffee for 30 days, and said hello to decaf tea.   While the first week of headaches was pretty brutal, now in week three I have become accustomed to turning the kettle on in the morning rather than brewing a pot.  I find I really enjoying mellow teas, such as Honey Vanilla Camomile or mint, in the mornings and evenings. I love to add a splash of soy milk in order to give a more creamy body to the tea.  For those times when I need a little most zest, and a little hop in my step, Stash’s Lemon Ginger Tea has been my go to brew.  My taste buds have become more appreciative of tea in the past few week, and I am happy I have rekindled my love for the tea leaf.  While every coffee shop advertising seasonal pumpkin spice lattes tempts me (and first thing I’m having after 30 days is one!) these teas have been wonderful to sip as temperatures drop and the colors of fall illuminate the streets and foothills of Fort Collins.  I feared fall just wouldn’t be the same without coffee but tea has filled the shoes deliciously and warmly. I’m beginning to think that soon it may be time for a little tea party.



These are my favorites♥














① Drinking tea makes me feel more balanced & less jittery than coffee

{Image found here}

② Tazo Refresh great for soothing caffeine withdraw headaches

③ Stash has a great variety of teas…I want to try the pumpkin spice!

④ Celestial Seasonings is located right down the road in Boulder


And of course now I want a new tea mugs…

❶ This mug would keep drippy tea bags of furniture

❷ ModCloth always has cute stuff, & I’m always a sucker for black cats


















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