Primary Colors

Everyone in town is outside taking advantage of the last little bits of the summer.  It is beautiful and warm this weekend, and with October just a week away (the first snow seems to always falls on Halloween) Colorado is about to enter its chillier months. Yesterday the day was bright and cloudless, so color seemed necessary . These shorts have been one of my summer staples so I wanted to get them out before they have to be paired with tights. I love them so much because biking is one of my main modes of transportation, so these are perfect for looking feminine without having to worry flashing on coming traffic during my commute.  I love biking to work and around town, but sometimes fashion and riding a bike pose problems for each other.  I bought a basket for my cruiser so I can carry my heels with me if I need to do a quick switch (biking in heels ranks on the lower side of smart things to do) however I haven’t found a solution for biking in a mini skirt.  These shorts, and this pair, were my fix, I just wish I had them in more colors. These shoes are just fun, another great find from Trends.

And on the topic of bikes, after biking to a work meeting this morning, we pedaled around to enjoy the perfect weather and hunt for yard sales.  Its always interesting to see what you can find while exploring neighborhoods via bikes.  After stopping at two yard sales and one church rummage sale, we rode away with some fun costume jewelry, little vintage frames, and a golf book for my boyfriend.  But the best part was just being outside and seeing everybody out enjoying the morning, working in their yards, cheering on kids’ soccer games, walking their dogs.  The sky has been so blue and clear it makes it difficult to sit inside, and my own pup is sitting next to his leash, so a long walk awaits.  Go outside and get the most of the day!

Audrey 3+1 Shorts, H&M Shirt, Promise Shoes, Vintage Accessories

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