Green and Gold

F21 Blazer, Luxe by Aden B. Shirt, Gap Denim, Vintage Scarf and Jewelry

     What a week it has been! I meant to have this post up sooner but after a very full weekend, there was work to be done and little things around the house to get finished.  But now with a clean house and a clear mind I can share a bit of our weekend.  Original plans for this past weekend were : 1. Fall Cleaning 2. Relax.

 However, it turned out to be quite a spontanious and wonderful few days.

  Friday night’s stay at home Mexican meal left us craving a famous Rio margarita.  So I threw on this combo for a unplanned evening on the town.  I originally had paired this shirt with a mini skirt until I was reminded by Bill that it was cold out and that we were biking.  My favorite jeans turned out to be just right for biking in the brisk fall night, and enjoying a few casual cocktails.

  Saturday morning was perfectly lazy, snuggled up with the pets and coffee in bed.  I would have been perfectly content to remain there all day but at 11 am all local  T.V. sets were turned to the Rocky Mountain Showdown, aka the CSU vs CU football game which fuels the rivalry between the two schools.  I hadn’t planned on watching, but with the morning off and fall in the air, my school spirit kicked in.  For the first time, sitting amongst green and gold, I felt like Alumni. Despite our unfortunate loss to the Buffs it was fun to share in the tradition and the spirit of football.

  After the game I assumed the rest of the day would be dedicated to running errands, however, somehow grocery shopping led to a blue grass concert up in the canyon at The Mishawaka.  Within the span of an hour, we went from pushing a grocery cart in running shoes, to climbing aboard the shuttle which takes concert goers up the Poudre in cowboy boots.  It was worth it.  Head for the Hills put on an amazing show, and it was a beautiful evening along the river dancing.  When you are up in the canyon listening to amazing music, watching the river dance in the moonlight, and feeling so far away from everything, it is completely soul lifting. I wish I had pictures to share but being up there means being in the moment, so the camera got left at home.

   I love weekends that take adventurous turns, and this past weekend, full with the simple pleasures of music, great food, fantastic company, and lots of laughs, is one for the books.


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