Getting Cozy

H&M sweater, F21 Skirt, Hue Tights, Gifted Scarf, Coach Purse

It was nice to wake up yesterday to  grey skies and rain. The Foot Hills were shrouded in clouds, heavy and low masking the mountains , a sign of the encroaching colder weather.  My immediate reaction to days like this is comfortable and cozy.   As the sound of rain tapped against the window, and a chilly draft blew through glass, I found myself reaching for my tights and scarves once again after a hot season of bare legs and silky bandanas.  Hello chunky knit scarf, I hope you weren’t too lonely without head to keep warm. Hope you enjoyed your summer vacation as you are now being called back into service.

Use to dresses and breezy summer attire, I wanted that same light, unrestricted feel, but with warmth.  I got this striped skirt with this other one, and I love them both in their simplicity.   Navy and camel are two colors I feel can support a lot of diversity when layering, and, together in stripes,  they lend to a very classic look.   Paired with an oversized and super soft sweater, with tights and boots, I might have my “go to” fall look.

White Mountain "Good Times" Boots


And then there was a new bag…During an accidental shopping excursion (we were looking for shoes for Bill) I spotted this shoulder bag by Steve Madden on sale, perfect for my computer, sketchbook, and fall.  I also had to snaps some photos of it to share. Yay! No more lugging my computer around in awkwardly small or obnoxiously large bags.


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