Primary Colors

Everyone in town is outside taking advantage of the last little bits of the summer.  It is beautiful and warm this weekend, and with October just a week away (the first snow seems to always falls on Halloween) Colorado is about to enter its chillier months. Yesterday the day was bright and cloudless, so color seemed necessary . These shorts have been one of my summer staples so I wanted to get them out before they have to be paired with tights. I love them so much because biking is one of my main modes of transportation, so these are perfect for looking feminine without having to worry flashing on coming traffic during my commute.  I love biking to work and around town, but sometimes fashion and riding a bike pose problems for each other.  I bought a basket for my cruiser so I can carry my heels with me if I need to do a quick switch (biking in heels ranks on the lower side of smart things to do) however I haven’t found a solution for biking in a mini skirt.  These shorts, and this pair, were my fix, I just wish I had them in more colors. These shoes are just fun, another great find from Trends.

And on the topic of bikes, after biking to a work meeting this morning, we pedaled around to enjoy the perfect weather and hunt for yard sales.  Its always interesting to see what you can find while exploring neighborhoods via bikes.  After stopping at two yard sales and one church rummage sale, we rode away with some fun costume jewelry, little vintage frames, and a golf book for my boyfriend.  But the best part was just being outside and seeing everybody out enjoying the morning, working in their yards, cheering on kids’ soccer games, walking their dogs.  The sky has been so blue and clear it makes it difficult to sit inside, and my own pup is sitting next to his leash, so a long walk awaits.  Go outside and get the most of the day!

Audrey 3+1 Shorts, H&M Shirt, Promise Shoes, Vintage Accessories


Blue Colorado Skies

The weather has made it absolutely impossible to sit inside and blog today.  Long walks with the pup and photo journeys are on the agenda.  Here are some pictures from yesterday’s excursion.

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.  Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.  The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”  ~John Muir

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”  ~Henry David Thoreau

loving the drive

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”  ~Roger Caras

Green and Gold

F21 Blazer, Luxe by Aden B. Shirt, Gap Denim, Vintage Scarf and Jewelry

     What a week it has been! I meant to have this post up sooner but after a very full weekend, there was work to be done and little things around the house to get finished.  But now with a clean house and a clear mind I can share a bit of our weekend.  Original plans for this past weekend were : 1. Fall Cleaning 2. Relax.

 However, it turned out to be quite a spontanious and wonderful few days.

  Friday night’s stay at home Mexican meal left us craving a famous Rio margarita.  So I threw on this combo for a unplanned evening on the town.  I originally had paired this shirt with a mini skirt until I was reminded by Bill that it was cold out and that we were biking.  My favorite jeans turned out to be just right for biking in the brisk fall night, and enjoying a few casual cocktails.

  Saturday morning was perfectly lazy, snuggled up with the pets and coffee in bed.  I would have been perfectly content to remain there all day but at 11 am all local  T.V. sets were turned to the Rocky Mountain Showdown, aka the CSU vs CU football game which fuels the rivalry between the two schools.  I hadn’t planned on watching, but with the morning off and fall in the air, my school spirit kicked in.  For the first time, sitting amongst green and gold, I felt like Alumni. Despite our unfortunate loss to the Buffs it was fun to share in the tradition and the spirit of football.

  After the game I assumed the rest of the day would be dedicated to running errands, however, somehow grocery shopping led to a blue grass concert up in the canyon at The Mishawaka.  Within the span of an hour, we went from pushing a grocery cart in running shoes, to climbing aboard the shuttle which takes concert goers up the Poudre in cowboy boots.  It was worth it.  Head for the Hills put on an amazing show, and it was a beautiful evening along the river dancing.  When you are up in the canyon listening to amazing music, watching the river dance in the moonlight, and feeling so far away from everything, it is completely soul lifting. I wish I had pictures to share but being up there means being in the moment, so the camera got left at home.

   I love weekends that take adventurous turns, and this past weekend, full with the simple pleasures of music, great food, fantastic company, and lots of laughs, is one for the books.

Getting Cozy

H&M sweater, F21 Skirt, Hue Tights, Gifted Scarf, Coach Purse

It was nice to wake up yesterday to  grey skies and rain. The Foot Hills were shrouded in clouds, heavy and low masking the mountains , a sign of the encroaching colder weather.  My immediate reaction to days like this is comfortable and cozy.   As the sound of rain tapped against the window, and a chilly draft blew through glass, I found myself reaching for my tights and scarves once again after a hot season of bare legs and silky bandanas.  Hello chunky knit scarf, I hope you weren’t too lonely without head to keep warm. Hope you enjoyed your summer vacation as you are now being called back into service.

Use to dresses and breezy summer attire, I wanted that same light, unrestricted feel, but with warmth.  I got this striped skirt with this other one, and I love them both in their simplicity.   Navy and camel are two colors I feel can support a lot of diversity when layering, and, together in stripes,  they lend to a very classic look.   Paired with an oversized and super soft sweater, with tights and boots, I might have my “go to” fall look.

White Mountain "Good Times" Boots


And then there was a new bag…During an accidental shopping excursion (we were looking for shoes for Bill) I spotted this shoulder bag by Steve Madden on sale, perfect for my computer, sketchbook, and fall.  I also had to snaps some photos of it to share. Yay! No more lugging my computer around in awkwardly small or obnoxiously large bags.

Everyone Loves a Cupcake & a Cocktail

Just a simple little card I created. I always have so much fun playing with ideas and sketches for cards, but I want to begin working more seriously on card and stationary designs. I have been getting back into my drawing routine, creating little images and inspirations each day.  It is nice to find pleasure in it again.  Some days imagination comes easier than others, but when I feel resistant to creating, I force myself to do something small, and by the time I’ve completed it, I am happy.  And feeling a bit more open for the remainder of the day.   I would love to be able to share my art and have it make others happy.

Before the Rain Came

Simple day, simple dress

we biked in and out of sunshine and shade

& the breeze finally carried with it the crispness of the mountains

….along with the smell of backyard cookouts

parks filled with kites and picnics and games and families

Hearts filled with joy and calmness

….the long weekend’s celebration concludes slowly

and marks a transition

Yesterday the rain and cooler weather arrived, and Monday evening you could feel the new season approaching.  It was a perfect afternoon for enjoying backyards, bikes, and sundresses, as if the whole town knew that by morning Colorado’s finicky, and unpredictable weather, would finally return after a hot and sunny summer on the Front Range.  I’m so very happy I got my house clean and cozy in time for a few days of indoor hibernation.

vintage dress and accessories

the end

Jewel Tones & Big Jewels

Seychelles Heels, Jana Feifer Mesh Hobo, George Tank, Thrifted Skirt & Jewelry

After a very long weekend, filled with great food, amazing friends, three unexpected days off work, and a costumed bike parade, I am very ready to return to my routine this morning.  We kicked off our Labor Day weekend with a date night downtown to partake in the Fort Collins First Friday Gallery Walk.   I love being downtown, especially on warm evenings, when all the small and intimate art galleries open their doors to the public.   As the guests mingle in and out of each gallery, so does a soft breeze and music from the square, where there are often live bands preforming.  In the summer First Fridays buzz with creativity and activity, so before chilly fall nights push gallery goers inside (which also has its cozy appeal) I headed it out in one of my favorite minis paired with a green jewel toned, drape necked tank (purchased here), for the perfect night on the town.  I like the rich color combination of green and blue, and lucky for me they are hot colors (seen here & here) for approaching fall fashion.  The black chunky jeweled necklace caught my eye in an over crowed vintage jewelry case last week while I was shopping for the party last Saturday, and even though it wasn’t on my shopping list I had to get it. I love the element of texture it added to this outfit.   Also, I had to wear these shoes again because they are so comfortable and cute.  When a lots of walking and dancing are on the itinerary, functional and fashionable are required to accompany each other!

As the galleries began to wind down we ducked into a new restaurant, Jax Fish House, to visit a friend working behind the bar and have a cocktail.  He whipped us up the most heavenly refreshing cucumber presses, made with infused cucumber vodka, cucumber puree, fresh lemonade and soda…perhaps my new favorite drink.  We followed drinks with sushi, which we kept light, because we had to dance the night away with our favorite local group, Peace Officer.

you gotta try this

I love the typography and design of their coasters

Amongst a Sea of Stuff


These are 3 little treasures I found at while antiquing yesterday.  I’m really excited about the whale necklace.  It will look great layered with some of the other gold charms and chains I already own.  The cup will be a new addition in the bathroom for holding make-up brushes.  Its always the small things that hide themselves amongst the shelves and shelves of junk that standout to me.