Sunny Yellow

Clear blue skies and hot days require color, or at least for me that is how bright summer days translate, through sun catching colors in my wardrobe.   Yesterday I wore this silk wrap skirt I purchased at the Eastern Market in downtown DC a few years back, which reflected the day outside, especially when worn inside out.  I have always loved this skirt because it offers a variety of option in how it may be worn.  The other side of the skirt (not pictured) reveals layers of different patterned yellows, with more texture.  It’s great for the fall, and though I can’t wait to pull the boots out and begin layering, I still want to get the most out of my summer clothes while the Colorado weather still permits it.  Turning the skirt inside out reveals the great side pattern, which is usually hidden, adding the pop of red I love and making it more fun. The line is also more sleek and simple.  I have always felt that it is okay, in fact necessary, to have a little fun with fashion in the summer, with bold jewelry and popping colors, that make life feel a little less serious all the time.  I don’t often wear this red bead necklace, but putting it on always makes everything more vibrant.

Yesterday we headed south of town where a strip of antique malls beckoned to be explored.  Lots of browsing means lots of walking, so I traded my heels for white Volcom sandals, till it was time to relax, enjoy our finds, and have a cocktail.

Nara Camicie Tank, Kariza Wrap Skirt


saddle bag purse purchased from a street vendor in London


Essence colour & go in You Belong to Me nails

thrifted necklace and gifted thrifted sunglasses


Chinese Laundry heels





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