A City Gone Wild, But We Keep It Classy

Last post I mentioned the “chaos” which returns to Fort Collins at the beginning of every fall semester.  Well, this past weekend Campus West experienced a student takeover which left part of our city resembling the streets of Cancun or Panama City Beach.  I am embarrassed and ashamed to report that less than half a mile from my house 2,000-3,000 students threw such an out of control pool party, that by 3:30 in the afternoon 10 ambulance rides were required, every available cop was called, and a triage tent was erected, closing streets down and landing on many evening news stations.  Hearing about this mess the next day, I was shocked I had been completely unaware of this happening at the time, it being so close to our house.  Where was I?  Busy planning of my own party, of a much smaller, and MUCH, MUCH more responsible and classy nature.  My boyfriend’s birthday was this Saturday so I threw him a small, intimate, backyard BBQ party.  I wanted to keep it easy ( I often over plan and over organize things I often can’t even control, and end up stressing all evening about perfecting each detail) so I got most cooking, preping, and decorating finished before party time.  For the table I used a mix of wild flowers, which brought a festive summer feel to the layout, and kept my decorating budget low.    As guests arrived I served Sweet Peach Tea Vodka and Lemonades in vintage glass wear, providing delicious and refreshing cocktails for the warm evening party.  My boyfriend set up several backyard games for adults and the kids were kept entertained by to crates filled with toys, including squirt guns and mini golf sets.  The menu I kept simple and classic so even the pickiest eaters would be satisfied.

The menu included:

Stove Popped Popcorn, served in brown paper bags with 5 Topping Options: Garlic & Herbs, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Cajun, Fresh Parm, and Sugar & Cinnamon

green & purple grapes

Summer Pasta Salad

Carrot and Rasin Salad

BBQ Chicken

Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches

After the sun went down, we gathered around the fire pit, and ended the evening with golf themed cupcakes and “Happy Birthday”.   All who attended left happy, and those who hosted were thrilled by the easy clean-up and the success of the night.  I also now feel relieved that my friends and family were able to stay far away, and unaffected by, the out-of-control party taking place down the street.


vintage polka-dot scarves, wildflowers, and a simple cotton table cloth decorate the table

mismatched glass wear ready for serving cocktails

an April Cornell tablecloth goes perfectly with crab apples displayed in my friend's grandmother's vintage baking soda jar

summer party dresses

strawberry cupcakes with sugar sand traps and tiny flags


mini cupcakes hold golfball candles I found (unopened) at a thrift store a year ago


happy birthday love

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