Back to School Blues

Where has summer gone?! The heat is still here and I don’t have classes anymore, but August is almost over and the students are back.  Living in a college town for the past 8 years, half of which I spent as a student myself, you learn to love summer time, when traffic clears, the local bars and restaurants mellow, and the night streets are much more subdue and quiet.  Ahhh, summer in Fort Collins is peaceful, but in just two days, as the dorms fill up and classes get into full swing, I find myself fighting traffic (scary to do if you’re biking), and going to bed to the sound of hoop and hollers from neighborhood “back to school parties” (which will later turn into any excuse to through a kegger).  Don’t get me wrong, I still love it here, but the atmosphere just quickly changes and it always is a shocking transition from summer to school time.  Even a little part of me wishes I was headed to campus to fight through the waves a students, and join in the excitement of  a new school year, but in truth I just miss new school clothes.

So, while students turn Campus West (my neighborhood) into chaos and congestion until school bogs them down with exams, I will breathe deep and remember to enjoy the simple, relaxing, and calming moments of my life.

ingredients for a home-cooked meal

the growing size of our basil and rosemary

having time for a bubble bath with candles and a glass of red wine

afternoon naps

morning coffee from my favorite vintage mug (please excuse the penguins hehe)

a little self reminder : a framed card purchased in Seattle found a spot on our mantle

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