Night Owls

This past week/weekend, my boyfriend and I have had pretty opposite schedules.   He works night, I work day.  He works day, I work night, ugh, and so it goes.   However, we always manage to find time to spend together, even if it is after we have both finished for the day.  He surprised me the other night with VIP tickets to one of our favorite hip-hop artists, which was a welcome excuse to get a little dressed up. Also after spending all day working, it was fun to put on some sparkle and get the of the house.  Because it was spur of the moment we only had a minute or two for snapping some quick pics before heading to the show for some dancing and good beats.  I wanted better lighting for this outfit, but I couldn’t wait to wear it out, and share.  I love the skirt, and I’m sure it will make an appearance again soon.

F21 Skirt, F21 Top, Gifted Hoops, Thrifted Heels









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