New Finds

new vibrantly patterned scarves and new grey leather clutch

Another thrift store excursion ends in success! These little items were favorite finds along with 2 other wonder full bags and two sweaters, which will have to wait a month or so before their debuts.  I haven’t yet talked much about my style, or why it is such an important aspect of my life.  So I will divulge a little bit!  While my day to day style may not scream eclectic, my wardrobe would suggest otherwise.  I like to try everything at least once, and sometimes I find a way to work a unique piece into a look once or twice, some get disregarded, and other pieces have become loved staples.  I recently forced myself to go through my closet, weeding through the many finds which no longer work, or have perhaps never been off the hanger (guilty) so that I have a cleaner and more defined view of my own personal style.  Lots of color, plenty of sequins, polka dots and stripes galore, and a fare share of vintage/thrift items I treasure.  My stlye is always evolving, sometimes so quickly that by dinner I’ve altered my look several times through out the day.  That’s why having an eclectic closet works for me.  Everything has potential to work together if styled correctly, and nothing has to be worn in a specific “outfit” but instead each piece inspires creativity in dressing.

The mixing of vintage and thrift with new items, offers so many ways to rework clothing and pieces into unique outfits, with unexpected personal flare.  Plus, the hunt of finding the perfect piece to finish a look is so exciting, especially when the price tag is equally excitingly low.   Today I stayed in the studio /office most of the day and took a short break to play with one of my new scarves.

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