Who’s walkin’ Who

The transition of getting back into the swing of things has been a bit rough after being away for so long, but it was wonderful to return home, feeling very appreciated by my boyfriend, my cat, and our pup, Rocky.  It is nice knowing you have been missed, especially when it means coming home to a clean house and lots of kisses.

My first day back, after emptying my suitcase (never fun) and running a few errands, we headed out to take advantage of a blue, cloudless sky.  Unlike in the crisp air of the Pacific North West, sunny Colorado days mean dry heat, and when spending time outside I opt for comfy cotton. I also like to hide pops of color into what I’m wearing, and this long lost pendant, found at the bottom of an older make-up bag, did the trick.  I love the two bold colors and organic pattern glazed on top of such a heavy material.  I thought it gave the unterstated tone of this outfit more bite.

Also I wanted to introduce one of my best buddies, Rocky. He helped me model for the day, and I figured he might make a good accessory as well. He did a great job... that is until a squirrel, or bee, or the creek, distracted him. We'll need practice.

the trouble begins

Red Fox Medows

glazed metal pendant purchased at an art festival quite some time ago


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