Casual Vashion

A fifteen minute ferry boat ride takes one from mainland to the artsy and mellow community of Vashion Island Washington.  Our visit to the island consisted of framers market strolling, vintage shopping, and a scenic drive to see a picturesque lighthouse.  Even with summer tourists, the island felt quite and calm, as if life can slow down a bit when set apart from the congestion of city life just across the straight.

 A must while visiting, The Vashion Island Coffee Rotisserie , where you can get a deliciously strong  house roasted coffee and variety of local foods and baked goods.  The building maintains a cozy and antiqued appeal with its warm wood interior, and floor to ceiling shelves housing glass jars of spices, herbs, and teas.  A nice spot for a pick me up before hitting the farmers market held every Saturday. Here are some more of my favorite bits and pieces of a low key  day spent exploring the island.

signs point visitors to organic farms

taco stand chicken tacos with a generous helping of tomatillo salsa

vintage finds are always fun

happy hour at The Hardware Store where rustic meets clean and modern

a tiny local doing its part in beautifying the island

Tulle Cardigan, Mossimo T-Shirt, Flying Monkey Skinny Jeans, Borne Shoes, Vintage Jewlery and Purse

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