Sunny Yellow

Clear blue skies and hot days require color, or at least for me that is how bright summer days translate, through sun catching colors in my wardrobe.   Yesterday I wore this silk wrap skirt I purchased at the Eastern Market in downtown DC a few years back, which reflected the day outside, especially when worn inside out.  I have always loved this skirt because it offers a variety of option in how it may be worn.  The other side of the skirt (not pictured) reveals layers of different patterned yellows, with more texture.  It’s great for the fall, and though I can’t wait to pull the boots out and begin layering, I still want to get the most out of my summer clothes while the Colorado weather still permits it.  Turning the skirt inside out reveals the great side pattern, which is usually hidden, adding the pop of red I love and making it more fun. The line is also more sleek and simple.  I have always felt that it is okay, in fact necessary, to have a little fun with fashion in the summer, with bold jewelry and popping colors, that make life feel a little less serious all the time.  I don’t often wear this red bead necklace, but putting it on always makes everything more vibrant.

Yesterday we headed south of town where a strip of antique malls beckoned to be explored.  Lots of browsing means lots of walking, so I traded my heels for white Volcom sandals, till it was time to relax, enjoy our finds, and have a cocktail.

Nara Camicie Tank, Kariza Wrap Skirt


saddle bag purse purchased from a street vendor in London


Essence colour & go in You Belong to Me nails

thrifted necklace and gifted thrifted sunglasses


Chinese Laundry heels





A City Gone Wild, But We Keep It Classy

Last post I mentioned the “chaos” which returns to Fort Collins at the beginning of every fall semester.  Well, this past weekend Campus West experienced a student takeover which left part of our city resembling the streets of Cancun or Panama City Beach.  I am embarrassed and ashamed to report that less than half a mile from my house 2,000-3,000 students threw such an out of control pool party, that by 3:30 in the afternoon 10 ambulance rides were required, every available cop was called, and a triage tent was erected, closing streets down and landing on many evening news stations.  Hearing about this mess the next day, I was shocked I had been completely unaware of this happening at the time, it being so close to our house.  Where was I?  Busy planning of my own party, of a much smaller, and MUCH, MUCH more responsible and classy nature.  My boyfriend’s birthday was this Saturday so I threw him a small, intimate, backyard BBQ party.  I wanted to keep it easy ( I often over plan and over organize things I often can’t even control, and end up stressing all evening about perfecting each detail) so I got most cooking, preping, and decorating finished before party time.  For the table I used a mix of wild flowers, which brought a festive summer feel to the layout, and kept my decorating budget low.    As guests arrived I served Sweet Peach Tea Vodka and Lemonades in vintage glass wear, providing delicious and refreshing cocktails for the warm evening party.  My boyfriend set up several backyard games for adults and the kids were kept entertained by to crates filled with toys, including squirt guns and mini golf sets.  The menu I kept simple and classic so even the pickiest eaters would be satisfied.

The menu included:

Stove Popped Popcorn, served in brown paper bags with 5 Topping Options: Garlic & Herbs, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Cajun, Fresh Parm, and Sugar & Cinnamon

green & purple grapes

Summer Pasta Salad

Carrot and Rasin Salad

BBQ Chicken

Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches

After the sun went down, we gathered around the fire pit, and ended the evening with golf themed cupcakes and “Happy Birthday”.   All who attended left happy, and those who hosted were thrilled by the easy clean-up and the success of the night.  I also now feel relieved that my friends and family were able to stay far away, and unaffected by, the out-of-control party taking place down the street.


vintage polka-dot scarves, wildflowers, and a simple cotton table cloth decorate the table

mismatched glass wear ready for serving cocktails

an April Cornell tablecloth goes perfectly with crab apples displayed in my friend's grandmother's vintage baking soda jar

summer party dresses

strawberry cupcakes with sugar sand traps and tiny flags


mini cupcakes hold golfball candles I found (unopened) at a thrift store a year ago


happy birthday love

Back to School Blues

Where has summer gone?! The heat is still here and I don’t have classes anymore, but August is almost over and the students are back.  Living in a college town for the past 8 years, half of which I spent as a student myself, you learn to love summer time, when traffic clears, the local bars and restaurants mellow, and the night streets are much more subdue and quiet.  Ahhh, summer in Fort Collins is peaceful, but in just two days, as the dorms fill up and classes get into full swing, I find myself fighting traffic (scary to do if you’re biking), and going to bed to the sound of hoop and hollers from neighborhood “back to school parties” (which will later turn into any excuse to through a kegger).  Don’t get me wrong, I still love it here, but the atmosphere just quickly changes and it always is a shocking transition from summer to school time.  Even a little part of me wishes I was headed to campus to fight through the waves a students, and join in the excitement of  a new school year, but in truth I just miss new school clothes.

So, while students turn Campus West (my neighborhood) into chaos and congestion until school bogs them down with exams, I will breathe deep and remember to enjoy the simple, relaxing, and calming moments of my life.

ingredients for a home-cooked meal

the growing size of our basil and rosemary

having time for a bubble bath with candles and a glass of red wine

afternoon naps

morning coffee from my favorite vintage mug (please excuse the penguins hehe)

a little self reminder : a framed card purchased in Seattle found a spot on our mantle

A Sprinkle of Glitz

Target T-shirt, Thrifted Apt 9 Purse, JandCompany Cut-Offs, Steven by Steve Madden Madee in Multi-Glitter, F21 Necklace

Living in Fort Collins often means less is more.  Simplicity is key, and a casual demeanor goes a long way.   It is easy to remain inspired in a city with tons of artistic flare, where both the streets and the people strolling down them,  embrace unique personal ease and style.  The city has been working on a new alley beautifying project, which now means that when wandering off the beaten track you can find art, beautful planters spilling with flowers, and yes, even musical instruments (no, I can’t play).   So for a Saturday night ice cream date in Old Town, a simple white-t with cut offs just felt right when topped of with a chucky necklace and festive flats like these.

A long line at the locally famous Walrus Ice Cream Shop, sent us wandering a little west, where a night bike race was taking place.  Never a dull night! After cheering for a few laps we headed back to indulge in sweet, sweet sundaes! My flavor choice, a creamy honey-nut  vanilla topped with coconut and rainbow sprinkles, just to give my treat a little glitz as well.

Walrus's Honey Nut Ice Cream with sprinkles

Night Owls

This past week/weekend, my boyfriend and I have had pretty opposite schedules.   He works night, I work day.  He works day, I work night, ugh, and so it goes.   However, we always manage to find time to spend together, even if it is after we have both finished for the day.  He surprised me the other night with VIP tickets to one of our favorite hip-hop artists, which was a welcome excuse to get a little dressed up. Also after spending all day working, it was fun to put on some sparkle and get the of the house.  Because it was spur of the moment we only had a minute or two for snapping some quick pics before heading to the show for some dancing and good beats.  I wanted better lighting for this outfit, but I couldn’t wait to wear it out, and share.  I love the skirt, and I’m sure it will make an appearance again soon.

F21 Skirt, F21 Top, Gifted Hoops, Thrifted Heels








New Finds

new vibrantly patterned scarves and new grey leather clutch

Another thrift store excursion ends in success! These little items were favorite finds along with 2 other wonder full bags and two sweaters, which will have to wait a month or so before their debuts.  I haven’t yet talked much about my style, or why it is such an important aspect of my life.  So I will divulge a little bit!  While my day to day style may not scream eclectic, my wardrobe would suggest otherwise.  I like to try everything at least once, and sometimes I find a way to work a unique piece into a look once or twice, some get disregarded, and other pieces have become loved staples.  I recently forced myself to go through my closet, weeding through the many finds which no longer work, or have perhaps never been off the hanger (guilty) so that I have a cleaner and more defined view of my own personal style.  Lots of color, plenty of sequins, polka dots and stripes galore, and a fare share of vintage/thrift items I treasure.  My stlye is always evolving, sometimes so quickly that by dinner I’ve altered my look several times through out the day.  That’s why having an eclectic closet works for me.  Everything has potential to work together if styled correctly, and nothing has to be worn in a specific “outfit” but instead each piece inspires creativity in dressing.

The mixing of vintage and thrift with new items, offers so many ways to rework clothing and pieces into unique outfits, with unexpected personal flare.  Plus, the hunt of finding the perfect piece to finish a look is so exciting, especially when the price tag is equally excitingly low.   Today I stayed in the studio /office most of the day and took a short break to play with one of my new scarves.

Who’s walkin’ Who

The transition of getting back into the swing of things has been a bit rough after being away for so long, but it was wonderful to return home, feeling very appreciated by my boyfriend, my cat, and our pup, Rocky.  It is nice knowing you have been missed, especially when it means coming home to a clean house and lots of kisses.

My first day back, after emptying my suitcase (never fun) and running a few errands, we headed out to take advantage of a blue, cloudless sky.  Unlike in the crisp air of the Pacific North West, sunny Colorado days mean dry heat, and when spending time outside I opt for comfy cotton. I also like to hide pops of color into what I’m wearing, and this long lost pendant, found at the bottom of an older make-up bag, did the trick.  I love the two bold colors and organic pattern glazed on top of such a heavy material.  I thought it gave the unterstated tone of this outfit more bite.

Also I wanted to introduce one of my best buddies, Rocky. He helped me model for the day, and I figured he might make a good accessory as well. He did a great job... that is until a squirrel, or bee, or the creek, distracted him. We'll need practice.

the trouble begins

Red Fox Medows

glazed metal pendant purchased at an art festival quite some time ago


Seattle in Spots

Hanes Tank, Free People Shorts, Seychelles Hoot Heels, vintage jewlery and (new to me!) purse

Sunday we spent a full day exploring Seattle and we could not have asked for better weather. Our first stop was Pike’s Place Public Market, located right on the water and famous for fish tossing, where we enjoyed a light brunch of fresh shrimp cocktail and spicy blood marys.  It was much more busy than during our visit over Christmas, but the bustling booths, crowed streets, and corners featuring street performers made for great people watching.

For a change of pace we headed a bit north, driving through the hilly  and lovely  Queen Anne’s Dirstrict, to Ballard.  Colorful, Funky shops and seemingly endless boutiques occupied the rest of the afternoon, ducking into one after another.  Exhausted from shopping (mostly of the window variation) we sat down for an evening snack, sharing a peach chicken sandwich (yummm) and onion rings (splurge), before hitting the highway home.

Casual Vashion

A fifteen minute ferry boat ride takes one from mainland to the artsy and mellow community of Vashion Island Washington.  Our visit to the island consisted of framers market strolling, vintage shopping, and a scenic drive to see a picturesque lighthouse.  Even with summer tourists, the island felt quite and calm, as if life can slow down a bit when set apart from the congestion of city life just across the straight.

 A must while visiting, The Vashion Island Coffee Rotisserie , where you can get a deliciously strong  house roasted coffee and variety of local foods and baked goods.  The building maintains a cozy and antiqued appeal with its warm wood interior, and floor to ceiling shelves housing glass jars of spices, herbs, and teas.  A nice spot for a pick me up before hitting the farmers market held every Saturday. Here are some more of my favorite bits and pieces of a low key  day spent exploring the island.

signs point visitors to organic farms

taco stand chicken tacos with a generous helping of tomatillo salsa

vintage finds are always fun

happy hour at The Hardware Store where rustic meets clean and modern

a tiny local doing its part in beautifying the island

Tulle Cardigan, Mossimo T-Shirt, Flying Monkey Skinny Jeans, Borne Shoes, Vintage Jewlery and Purse