Moving Forward

Persistence Pays Off

Art found here

After finishing my last class a little over a month ago I delighted in the thought of having my schedule open up.   I anticipated that without school to bog me down I’d find plenty of time for reading, art, cooking, yoga, and writing, here on this blog.  While I have found moments to break away from the daily grind to doodle or whip up a quick delicious dinner, this plethora of free time I expected still some how managed to be filled, slipping away.  And I’m not going to make any excuses, getting in the habit of this blog thing is a bit tricky for me, someone who’s daily schedule is often improvised around an untidy  work schedule, is difficult.  Blogging has yet to become part of my routine, but like reluctantly getting back onto the treadmill, embarrassed and a bit apologetic towards it for your absents, you just have to keep stepping on until it feels right and your back in shape. So….I’m back. Oh and I’m on vacation.  I’ll be in Tacoma Washington for the next twelve days with my parents, which means great food, day trips to the coast and into the city, and plenty of that free time I’ve been waiting for.   I am going to use these next two weeks, away from all other daily obligations back in Colorado, to practice the art, and routine of blogging.


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