Welcome to the Northwest

Gorgious overflowing hanging flower pots lined the the streets of Olympia

Northwest is of course know for it’s cloudy wet weather, but while packing for my two week visit to Washington, I still could not help but through a few sundresses into my suitcase, hoping to bring a bit of Colorado warmth and sun with me.  Getting off the plane a few hours later I stepped into the grey and chilly pacific air,  immediately regretted not packing more jeans and sweaters.

Fast forward to the next morning and a window filled blue sky reflecting off the glassy surface of the Puget Sound, and not a cloud in sight.  On the horizon, where grey usually backdrops the skyline, the Olympic Mountain Range presented itself clearly and magnificently in contrast to the sparkling sound.

Good-bye sweat pants, hello denim mini dress.

My mom and I wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful weather so we headed to Olympia for lunch, a bit of shopping and a visit to the city’s large Farmer’s Market.    It was a fun afternoon of ducking in and out of cute boutiques and funky gift shops.   My favorite and the first place to catch our eye was Sweet Life Boutique . Not only were their racks filled with delicious colors and textures from brands such as Free People and Wild Fox, but they were having their annual summer blowout sale, which translated to 60% off the entire store!   Talk about a fashion jackpot!  For a steal, I left with new treasures that I can’t wait to work into my wardrobe!

After the perfect lunch at an rustic cafe (mmm roasted tomatoes, with spicy greens, balsamic vinaigrette and chévre cheese on THE most wonderful baguette) we hit the farmers market which offered vibrant bouquets of wild flowers, rows of potted herbs, baskets and barrels filled peaches, apricots and famous rainier cherries, and live bluegrass music.

perfectly delightful apricots and peaches

I love the simplicity of this sign tucked back in the branches of a sunlit tree

RVCA Dress, Piacere Di Piu Vest, Vintage Jewelry, New! Sweet Life Hat, Target Sunglasses, Coach Purse


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