Morning Cruise

At the beginning of the summer I bought a vintage Shwin three speed, a gift to myself for finishing finals.  After a quick tune up and a adding a front basket for carrying groceries and goodies, I felt ready to spend my summer peddling my way around town.  Fort Collins of course makes it very easy to get around, even if you’re new to the rules of the road like I am, and after two months of forgoing my gas guzzling jeep for a quick cycle to work or the store, I feel greener and more fit!  Plus in such a bike friendly town I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much offered through the experience of traveling on two wheels.  Last Friday my boyfriend and I packed up a quick, cool lunch, slathered on the sunscreen, saddled up on our rides and headed out to enjoy a few miles the Poudre River Trail.

The ride there and back was about 2 hours, plus a thirty minutes for a picnic break. We were in no rush though, so this section of trail could be finished much faster if needed.

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