Day Dreaming

I like to spend a little time each day remembering things about my childhood that often go forgotten.  When you take the time to reminisce it is often amazing the places your memory takes you.  Today I thought of our family’s kitchen while living in Germany. I was in First grade.  I thought of salt, sugar, and fresh baked bread wrapped in scarves, a warm house warming gift from our neighbors. (this could be a very cute and economical house warming gift!)  Then of wild plums and apple pastries on the way to school, because mom was the best.  Walks in the woods behind our house, where everything felt to have been alive with fairy tale magic.  Giant Slugs, fresh mossy logs, and WWII hideouts hidden in the hills transformed by my father in to troll caves for our vivid imaginations.  It is always the little things that seemed so amazing and wonderful when you take the time to look back on what has made you happy since a child.  I think now, as time speeds up and obligations bog down small pleasures, it is important from time to time to remember those little moments, smells, sounds,and feelings, in order to use them to inspire your day today life.  It helps me to slow down and appreciate small details of living.

Image found here
child's thought bubbles

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