Let the Blogging Begin!

On to the next adventure!

So I enter the world of blogging.  An avid reader and follower of many design and food blogs, I now step into a strange new world of online writing and photo journaling.   I am prepared for the slow, and most likely for me, frustrating experience of utilizing the world wide web.  Be patient with me as a learn the ins and outs of navigating links, photos, and designs for my new blog.  Baby steps and practiced perseverance.

My first goal has been achieved just in finally getting a blog set up  and titled.  I felt that in order to have a successful blog I would need the perfect title.  One of my creative weaknesses is coming up with names and titles for papers, poetry, art, and apparently blogs.  So after much brainstorming and word play here I am!   I needed a name that fit my personality, my style, my art, and my attitude towards life.  It also had to have a nice ring to it.  So I literally put a little jingle to it.   A recent college grad, I feel the pressure of entering what I have been told is the “real world”.   So, where have I been the last 26 years then?  I think I will keep living where I have been happily planted but welcome new changes with interest and energy, or as the saying goes “with bells on”.  And if I must enter this “real world” I will do it just so.  Ah Ha!  How perfect! A title epiphany.   Hear me coming world.  Second, my obsession with the shiny, glittery, and and gold provided a necessary element as well.  It is part of my style and personality that can not be over looked.  What can I say I love loud, colorful, and bold.  You will be sure to see lots of that here, in many forms.

So Voila! A name was born.

A name that will represent my ideas, passions, and progress.

Here I will post art which inspires, fashion discoveries, adventures with friends, pets,  and family , and food because who doesn’t love to share a good recipe and foodie pics!

Adios Amigos!

till next time –

Kim xo


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